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We at JesCom are involved in the production of audiovisual materials for evangelization and education. Our mission statement is inspired by a prayer that Fr. Jim Reuter used to recite together with his crew before every performance of a play: “Give us the grace to present this play so that we will bring all those who are touched by it and all those who are involved in it closer to God.” We produce video programs in the following areas:

· Values and Religious Education
· Philippine Culture and History
· Socio-Political Issues

Our Jesuit Music Ministry promotes liturgical and inspirational music in Filipino and English published in CDs, cassette tapes, and songbooks.


To open our eyes and ears
that we may see the face of Christ
and hear His voice in our midst;To give a face to the faceless
and a voice to the voiceless
that we may recognize Christ in them
and hear His story in theirs.


The Jesuit Communications Foundation finds its roots with JESCOM, or the Jesuits Engaged in Social Communications, formed in New Orleans, USA back in 1968. It was Fr. Jim Reuter who organized the local chapter JESCOMPhil, together with Paul Brunner and Nim Gonzales. At the time, it served as the secretariat to the Provincial in communication matters and activities. It also worked closely with Fr. Reuter at the National Office of Mass Media (NOMM), the media arm of the CBCP.

JESCOMPhil was involved in radio soap operas, rural mimeo press, and various seminars and conferences on Communications.

In 1972, Paul Brunner started SONOLUX Asia. SONOLUX specialized in audiovisual training seminars for evangelization and soundslide production. By this time, the JESCOM office had moved from the Provincial Curia to the Ateneo Communications Department under Nim Gonzales. JESCOM continued to conduct training seminars and workshops in media, but also began to provide technical services to the Communications students of the Ateneo School of Arts and Sciences, and to come up with video productions.

In 1995, the Jesuit Communications Foundation(JCF) was established, a product of the merger between JESCOM and SONOLUX Asia. Today JesCom continues to serve the Church in the country and region through its productions and training workshops.



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Marly Camino is a local Spanish company based in Madrid, formed by a dedicated group of passionate, high-quality, professional human beings that are in love with our home. For over 10 years, we have been taking small groups off the beaten path to discover our favorite natural and cultural gems, along the Camino de Santiago, and many other spectacular walking routes in Spain and Portugal.

Among our most valuable assets is the hospitality and the personal treatment you will receive. We carefully curate every part of your journey, to make it a truly ‘Marly’ quality experience. We take care of you with warmth and professionalism, because our pilgrims are our most valuable asset. With us, you are like family. We take care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can fully enjoy everything the route has to offer. We want to help you make the most of your time here and with us!

We believe in creating life experiences. And we believe this is much more than just a walk. We guarantee our carefully curate routes, our direct and personal treatment and our attention to detail will make each one of our ‘Caminos’ are unforgettable. We respect and value everyone’s reasons for wanting to do the walk, and give you all the support so that each person finds what he or she is looking for. And hopefully even a little more than that.

We take pride in our quality service, our exclusive routes, and our very happy pilgrims that have helped us become the top-rated agency we are today. Thank you, we hope to see you soon!



The story of the Pilgrims’ Center, is the story of conversion of myself, the people who have worked in our organization and those who have joined our pilgrimages.

It all started in 1983, in the remote village of Medugorje in Bosnia Herzegovina where, after having been previously a nominal Catholic, I found God again and felt the intense desire to share this special experience with others.

Thus, we started organizing pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Marian shrines, and other holy sites around the world. The number of people joining our pilgrimages grew beyond our expectation and before we knew it, we had become the leading organizer of pilgrimages in the Philippines.

To date, more than 20,000 people from all over the world have gone on our pilgrimages. In fact, one of them even had a late vocation and eventually became a priest! Many have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healing, renewing their relationships with God and their loved ones and coming back home as changed Christians. Most have come back to join our pilgrimages regularly and are now part of an extended family, a community we call the Pilgrims’ Center.
After more than three decades, we have never felt more zealous in our mission to bring more people closer to God through pilgrimages.

I personally invite you to join our pilgrimages and experience God’s love and the powerful intercession of the saints and the Blessed Mother.

-Ella Sanchez, Founder and President